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BOS Conference

BOS Conference

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

27/09/18 - 29/09/18
BOS Conference
BOS Conference
BOS Conference
This 30th BOC features the very apt theme “Back to the Future”. Many of our presenters will be reflecting on historic trends, discussing the very best evidence and clinical practice today, as well as looking ahead to the future.

Among the many sessions and themes within the main clinical programme are the Research session, presenting the latest exciting UK based research, as well as the Stability and Retention session discussing the latest evidence and best practice. The Great Digital Debate discusses the pros and cons of the digital revolution. Other themes covered include management of impacted teeth, orthodontic finishing, lingual orthodontics, Invisalign treatment, TADs, ortho-perio treatment and orthognathic surgery among many others. The NHS Commissioning session will cover all the latest news surrounding commissioning and provision of NHS orthodontic care in primary and secondary care and is a “must see” session.

Once again, alongside the main programme, we will be running the BOC Practice Development Day. This popular day covers a range of business, leadership and development skills for the entire orthodontic team. The Orthodontic National Group will also be running a full two-day programme for nurses and therapists.

This year we have a record six different hands-on skill clinics. These sessions always sell out quickly so book early to avoid disappointment


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